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Marika Kivinen holds a Master of Arts in General History from Åbo Akademi University. She has published academic articles on Finnish colonial thought in travel literature and feminist journals. Her work centers questions of power and knowledge and whiteness and is closely linked to feminist and postcolonial theory.

In her current PhD project she is tracing colonialism and exoticism in Finnish art songs, and is studying the relationship between this repertoire and French colonialisms and German orientalisms. The approach is antiracist and decolonizing and aims to challenge norms within classical song through performance and archival research. In her work she asks: How can I as a singer/researcher deal with the history of colonialism, a history that is somehow re-enacted in performance? This research is funded by the project Untold Stories (Kone Foundation), The Swedish Cultural Foundation and Fonden Till Hedvigs Minne.  

She has worked as a doctoral researcher in the project Disturbing Differences (Academy of Finland, Prof. Marianne Liljeström, Turku University) and has been a doctoral student at the National Gender Systems Graduate School.    

She has worked as acting University teacher in Gender Studies, as acting assistant in Women’s Studies and as part-time teacher in Gender Studies at ÅAU. She has taught classes on feminist pedagogy, feminist epistemologies and women’s history and has supervised bachelor’s theses.  

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